Baring any last minute changes, the Kwara gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may be jettisoned by his main promoter and leader of the party in the state, Sen. Bukola Saraki.

The reason is hinged on the realization that Yaman does not seem to have brought anything to the table other than the Hon. Minister for Mines and Steel Gbemisola Saraki’s promise to finance his campaign.

PDP stakeholders in they state are yet to key into his candidacy as they see Yaman’s selection as a betrayal of loyal members such as Shaba Lafiagi,  Zakari Ahmed, Ahman Pategi, Prof Gana, among others.

Saraki has confirmed that there will be massive protest vote from within PDP against Yaman. Yaman’s core structure remains in APC with some of them such as Sabah, Gideon contesting for office in APC. Yaman’s campaign DG in 2019 remains a Commissioner in the APC government.

Prof Oba was Saraki’s DG for Gov Fatai’s campaign.  Prof Oba has an edge over Hakeem Lawal being a traditional title holder in the emirate and unlike the SDP candidate will not be viewed as having grudges against the Alimi dynasty if elected.

Scores of PDP stakeholders such as Bode de Way, Engr Yeketi, etc have dumped the party for the ruling APC in the weeks following the primaries with some party executives in the party jettisoning the party just a few days ago. While others have remained in PDP to cast anti-party votes.


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