1. This is slanderous and wicked ,how can you take peanuts to destroy a humble artiste ,,did you even bother to confirm this story or you just post to tarnish people’s image here

  2. Good evening Sir/Madam
    I am writing to you as we have been notified that you have written a blog and posted on your platform without fact checking any of the information. This is slanderous and is currently a legal dispute being looked at my solicitors in the U.K. and Nigeria. I have been asked to notify you of our intention to also serve you with a legal notice warning of potential libel claim for misrepresenting facts.

    We are therefore putting you on 24hr Notice to give you the opportunity to remove the blog. If you want to publish the blog by all means after it is removed you may contact the Artist Manager/or any member of his team such information can be found on his handle.

    The decision is yours to take but this message will form part of the legal case against Kaycee Records.

    This approach has been taken based on legal advice.

    In summary, failing to take action will implicate *BUSYUPDATES* in all legal proceedings as you are claiming the information you have posted is factual therefore you will be summoned to give evidence of this.

    Marky Moore’s team

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