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Venture Garden Group has been successful in achieving its mission. The company was founded in 2011, by Olubunmi Akinyemiju and Olufemi Olukunmi Demuren, and has nurtured almost 25 companies worldwide. They are also major investment partners and shareholders of RemX Capital Ltd, which was founded by Eghosasere Nehikhare and enjoys the backing of the two Nigerian Fintech Tycoons. The Venture Garden Group is arguably Africa’s largest and most powerful technology and innovative group focused on solving impact issues around the African continent.

Venture Garden Group has had a great impact on the companies it has nurtured in Nigeria, Kenya as well as other parts of Africa, and has harnessed the power of talent and research in opening up new vistas, mostly built on technology.

The Impact of Venture Garden Group has covered investment, financial services, health, logistics, transportation and more than three other sectors around Africa. Venture Garden Group is quietly creating employment opportunities for software developers and youths across the continent.

As part of the numerous impact of Venture Garden Group in Africa is the establishment of its foundation, Venture Garden Foundation (VGF). The mission of this foundation is to assist individuals that are wired for greatness and harness their talents for productivity. The foundation will collaborate with social impacting foundations to increase their visibility and of course, create impact.

The Group will also use the chance to tackle challenges like Partnerships, technology, funding, and structure.

Similarly, the Venture Group Foundation is an initiative of social empowerment. By collaborating with other initiatives, men, women, young and old will benefit from the initiatives, hence empowering Africans.

Currently, VGF is in a collaboration with Chess In Slums, an NGO that uses Chess to help young people in the slums to find their purpose and talent. VGF and Chess In Slums are planning social empowerment and the Group is funding the Chess initiative to achieve maximum success. VGF is assisting chess in Slum with a workspace that will increase the young people from slums capacity thus, harnessing their potential. With this, young Africans will be more exposed to opportunities.

The foundation also supports over 6 initiatives like university hackathon, Outreach programs, TechStar Amazon, OIT Africa, etc and are suspected to be taking on more. Furthermore, Venture Garden Group recently partnered with Lagos State, Nigeria to host a Smart Meter Hackathon. The hackathon was a means of giving startups and individuals the chance to present the best solution to the irregular power supply faced by Lagosians.  It was at this Hackathon that the CEO of VGG, Bunmi Akinyemiju mentioned that the solutions provided to the epileptic power supply are in sync with SDG 7, to assist the government and politicians with providing Affordable and Clean Energy. Thus, the sponsorship is helping to achieve the sustainable development goals which are set to be completed by 2030.

In addition, the Venture Garden Group has over 40 portfolio companies that venture into data management, electronic invoicing, automated billing processing, and revenue management.


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