1 : Stalking

Like seriously I personally hate this. Why stalk your partner and it’s most annoying when this is done by just one party. You see some people’s timeline on social medias filled with a particular person comments all the time. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that’s Bae. When you do it all the time it can get annoying especially if your partner is not the outgoing type.

2 : Public show of affection.

Yea it’s quite good to hold hands about,act all cozy and do the winks like you both got your eyes on fleek but seriously not all the time . Give yourself a break in public sometimes and actually in the real sense some do this for show off like they are trying to get back at an ex or so. Also remember this same people you are showing off to will be there to laugh their ass off when things ain’t working.

3 Playful spanks :

You don’t want your partner shedding tears all because of your silly tantrums.
I see this as a childish romance and not romantic at all.

4 : Visiting at Work place :

Okay this can be good and so romantic when it’s done for certain and specific occasions but not when it becomes a regular routine. Just know you are becoming a snitch and people around are beginning to see it annoying.

5 : Trying to make other couple around jealous


We all know everything isn’t that rosy behind the scenes so you trying to prove a point by being overly dramatic about being romantic gets annoying. Keep your cuddles to yourselves in the real sense no one really cares.

6 : Pulling dangerous stunts.

Okay now this got me laughing. You hear the guy say ” baby I gat your back,trust me” .
And he told you to do something dangerous when both of you actually know you can’t do that thing. Trust me he ain’t got nothing. Who are you both deceiving ?


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