Exclusive Photos Of Muhammad Ali When He Came On A 3 Day Tour To Nigeria  In Which He Also Dressed In Native.

Photos Of Muhammad Ali On Tour In Nigeria

Photos Of Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali In Native

Following the death of a legend, the world’s greatest boxer Muhammad Ali and former heavy weight champion, some photos from his visit to Nigeria in 1964 has emerged.

In one of his trips to Africa, Muhammad Ali visited Lagos, Nigeria on a 3-day tour of the city from June 1- June 3, 1964 where he was warmly received by Nigerians from the airport to the hotel.

The late World Heavyweight boxing champion sat atop his car during the drive to the hotel after arriving at the airport in Lagos, Nigeria while leading the crowd in cheering himself as “King of the world” wow.

Photos Of Muhammad Ali

Photos Of Muhammad AliIn some of his pictures, the ‘World Greatest’ boxer was pictured beating a traditional Yoruba drum while dressed in a traditional brown and white striped Aso Oke agbada regalia.

See more exclusive photos below:

Photos Of Muhammad Ali

Photos Of Muhammad Ali

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