There are lots of things people don’t know and  int this post, we will be talking about What Most People Don’t Know About Marriages.

What Most People Don’t Know About Marriages

What Most People Don't Know About Marriages

This article you are about to read was written by a professor who is worried about what marriages has turned into. It’s a comparative analysis between wives of today and wives of the good days by Prof. Yusuf Dankofa:


Its sad seeing thing going from good to bad and bad to worse. Read the difference between what we used to have and what we have now.

1). Yesterday’s Wives
Welcome my husband, hope the office was not stressful., your favorite food is ready, let me lead you to the bathroom first,then you take your dinner, you look so tired, am sure you’ll be okay after taking your dinner, welcome my one and only.


Some Today’s Wives
Please don’t put unnecessary pressure on me, you can go to the fridge pick up the soup and microwave it and boil some rice, I’m your wife and not your slave. We are equal, nothing like a head.

2). Yesterday’s Wives
Darling stop thinking about our lack of money. Its going to be temporary. God will see us through and we are going to come out of it stronger. After all, we can still feed ourselves and the children. We need to give the Almighty that glory. I am with you through thick and thin, my husband.


Some Today’s Wives
Look I am sick and tired of living in this condition with you. Why did you bring me to your house when you know that you are not ready for marriage? Every day you come with one complaint or the other. Are you the Complainant General of Nigeria? We don’t have a big car, our house is in Abule-Egba, when your mates are in the Island and Ikeja. Look if you don’t do something, you will come back and not find me in this your nonsense house.

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