A lot has definitely changed about one of Africa’s finest pop groups, P-Square, made up of twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye.

Ever since the crisis in the family, during which the brothers were at loggerheads and threatened they would be going their separate ways, things haven’t been the same again.

For one, the brothers seem to have stopped making music together. The last work they have together is their ‘Double Trouble’ album which was released in 2014.

With the two-year gap that is usually between their album releases, P-Square is expected to release an
album this year, but there are no indications that they have ‘hit’ the studio yet.

In the past, the brothers (especially Peter) used to upload pictures on their social media pages to show fans that they are working in the studio. But nothing of the sort has happened this year.

Peter, who is the most active of the brothers on social media, only posts pictures of himself, his kids, and his solo activities, with virtually nothing about the brand P-Square. On the other hand, Paul regularly uploads pictures of his artistes, Muno and Lucy, and talks about their activities like their songs and video releases.

In terms of the level of observable activities in the brothers’ record labels, it is apparent that Paul’s Rude Boi Records is more vibrant than Peter’s P-Classic Records. Peter was the first to establish his record label when he informally unveiled P-Classic Records in 2014. He made the announcement on Instagram when he revealed that his cousin, Malcolm Obinna Clint Onyeyiri would be his first signee. Ever since, virtually nothing has been heard of the artiste and the record label.

Meanwhile, Paul only signed Muno as his first artiste in January 2016, and he (Muno) already has two songs, and a music video, which was directed by Paul. The First Lady of the label, Lucy, was unveiled a month later, and she already has two songs.

However, there exists a school of thought that believes the P-Square group is no more; and what is existing is merely a phantom. This school of thought opines that the brothers have basically broken up, but chose to stay together because of all that is attached to their brand as P-square, Vanguard reports.

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