Lagos joins in World Moet Party Day

In anticipation for the biggest worldwide party ever, luxury champagne brand Moët & Chandon has unveiled its exclusive guest list for the Moët Party Day in Lagos.

The guest list is made up of the biggest names in diverse industries, socialites, celebrities, loyal clients and consumers of the brand.

‘Moët Party Day’ will kick off in Nigeria for the first time, on Saturday, June 11th, 2016, hosting over 1000 guests to a series of parties in one day.

There will be a Moët Ice Imperial All-White Brunch party which will take place at Hard Rock Café Lagos from 12noon to 5pm. This party will be followed by a private dinner for 20 exclusive guests with Moët Vintage Champagnes. The day will round off with a Moët Nectar Night at Escape Nightclub, Lagos from 11pm to dawn.

The ‘Moët Party Day’ presents an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the exclusive range of Moet & Chandon champagnes around the world. On that day, Moët & Chandon will be at the heart of every celebration!

Currently, invites are being sent out. To RSVP, guests are required to upload their invites on social media using the hashtag #moetdaylagos

Are YOU on the guestlist?

For more information, please visit Moët & Chandon Nigeria social media pages:
Facebook: Moët & Chandon Nigeria www.facebook.com/moetnigeria

Instagram: @moetnigeria

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