Khloe Kardashian took to her website to explain when she had to Photoshop her leg on Monday,Read what she wrote:

‘Whenever I post a picture of my legs on Instagram, everyone comments on how fu**ed up my knees look. ‘It’s because I’ve had reconstructive surgery, you a**holes!’ ‘My right leg is an inch and a half thinner than my left because my muscles deteriorated and never recovered.

‘It’s funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg!!! ‘All I want are big, thick thighs and I hate how skinny my legs are.’

‘The reason I’ve had so many of these surgeries and always wear a knee brace for my workouts is because I was in a car accident when I was 16.’

I think trolls should let her continue the photoshop 😢

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