Wow, A woman who tested positive to the HIV Virus decided to end her life by stabbing herself to death in Apramdu in near by town not too far from Takoradi.

The 46-year-old woman identified as Celestina Anan, has reportedly stabbed herself to death in a bush nearby her two storey building after she learnt that she has tested positive to HIV Virus, according to a family member.

It was gathered that Celestina, a popular business woman in her community, could not take the news that she had tested positive to the disease and the attendant stigma that was likely to follow her, so she went to a nearby bush and stabbed herself in the stomach.

Police investigations reveal that Celestina had left her home on May 28, at about 6pm, and headed for the where she ended  herself.

The body has therefore been deposited at a local hospital.

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