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Who we are?

Gabby’s List is an online professional services membership organization. Our members are the services providers that are looking for customers. Our users are the customers that are looking for the BEST services providers in their communities. Our objective is to connect them!

Our platform is an online application that can manage a data base of millions of members. It is built with an upscale infrastructure technology that allows millions of users to be connected without experiencing performance issues.

Using our proprietary SEO tool, that has been embedded with queries that prioritize members with highest rating and customers’ reviews, our users will have access to the BEST services providers they are looking for.

We are not a business directory. We are more than an online platform. We make real connections!


Our mission is to connect our Users to the Best Local Service Providers in the market.


Become the biggest online public service provider that makes a positive difference in the growth of the community  by creating connections between members and users through our platform.

The Many Faces of Customer Service in Nigeria

Any time you stand in line in a bank in Nigeria while they count bales and bales of old naira notes that should be removed from circulation, its your fault, but its not your responsibility that its so.

For decades, Nigerians have endured painful and terrible customer service experiences, quietly, and meekly. No expression of dissatisfaction in a manner that wakes the seller to reality. Whether in private or public service the story has remained the same. Mediocre service or product laced with disregard for the consumer or tax payer.

It is time to say you can’t take it anymore!

Imagine someone traveling from Abuja to Lagos on August 29th, his flight was scheduled for 4:00pm, he finally boarded the plane at 4:50pm, and there was no explanation, no compensation whatsoever to explain the situation.

In a real market economy, bad service providers go out of business and good service provider get stronger, grow and provide lots of good payingjobs.

Now there is Gabby’s List.  It’s a members only Service Provider Listing. It does not just rate businesses on the generic 1-5, it asks users to rate on:

  1. Performance
  2. Quality of work
  3. Dependability
  4. Reliability

Gabby’s List also does the following:

  1. It allows users to file complaints
  2. It provides complain resolution when service providers and users have conflict
  3. It de-list’s service providers from the search result who have 2 or less star rating
  4. It suspends business who fail to resolve 90% of complaints in any given month

It’s simply your fault if we don’t understand the power of your Naira.

Choose only the Best Service providers on the market. You have a choice.


Visit to energize the power of your naira.


Facebook: Gabbys List
Twitter: @Gabbys_List
Instagram: Gabbys_List

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