Well, A popular adage says that before a thunderstorm, lightening strikes. Seriously, This adage is peculiar to some relationships where guys complain bitterly about ladies excessive desperation for money. This is no joke.


But the saddening thing is that some guys are very familiar with these signs yet they still fall victim to these .daughters of Jezebel that go on a date mainly for stomach infrastructure

Well, Below are categories of ladies you must avoid if you want a prosperous financial life.

1. Those that request for recharge card

Many topics have long been raised whether it’s ideal for a lady to ask for recharge card barely meeting a guy for 24 hours. The bitter truth about ladies who are quick to demand for recharge card is that they are lazy, too dependent and have no atom of regard for themselves. For crying out loud, must your boyfriend bear your burden down to ridiculous thing such as N100 recharge card? When you meet a lady today and she begs for recharge card tomorrow, just know that she is nothing but a shameful poor girl.
2. Those that ring bell about their financial issues

Guys, please beware of ladies who doesn’t complain about any other thing but money. Some of them automatically assume you should start taking their responsibilities which their fathers cannot take the moment you propose to them. Always try to avoid them like plague. The highest they can give you is 5minutes bleeping.


3. The hungry ladies

The fact that many Nigerian ladies see men’s money as an escape route out of poverty often makes them act like they haven’t been fed for months when on a date. When a white man take a white lady on a date, she might just order for coffee and that’s all, but as for Nigerian ladies, many of them lack modesty that they will feed as if there’s famine on the land and may even open their bags and start loading fast foods for their friends, neighbours, family members and so on and so forth. You need to avoid these kind of ladies promptly.

4. Those obsessed about gifts

During mothers’ day, she will ask for gifts, during worker’s day, she will ask for gifts; during Easter period, she will ask for gifts; during Independence day, she will still ask for gifts; she will even ask for gifts during your own birthday.. These ones want nothing but money.


5. Those who are too inquisitive to know about your salary

It beats my imagination when I see ladies hell bent on knowing her boyfriend’s income salary.. Is it even necessary when you’re not married to him?. Such ladies are nothing but thieves who do not deserve any form of respect. Guys should discard any lady who is extremely inquisitive to know your monthly take home.


6. Those who never appreciate your financial support

If you subscribe monthly data plan for some ladies, common “thank you”, will not come out from them. Even when you make them realise that such attitude is bad, they will reduce you to a loaf of bread and claim that your mates buy range rover for other ladies without strings attached.


7. Those who call you “sweet names” only when you spend on them

Any lady who calls you sweet names such as sweetheart, darling, honey when only you spend on her has nothing to offer you. She’s only concerned about what she wants. Such a lady will always leave you when you fail to give them money to buy what will not better their lives.

8. Those who wait for car lift

These kind of ladies should be a no-go-area for a man with brightened prospects. They always wait for guys using cars to pick them at bus terminus in order to save their money. As bitter as it may sound, you may not have a prosperous financial life if you eventually date someone like them

9. Those that are obsessed with Joysticks

A joystick obsessed lady is such a big off for me… In fact, I will gallantly reject such a lady even if given the change to swap her with my Blackberry Torch 1.. These kind of ladies want s3–xu–ally veteran men that will use their hard earned salary to buy buruntashi, opa eyi, viagra and the likes just to satisfy them. Before you know it, at the end of the month, the man won’t be able to boast of N5,000 shocked … As for me, if a lady is not satisfied with my 2mins bleeping, she should go and jump inside Elegushi beach


10.Those that are obsessed with the Romance section

Hey listen ! Before you disagree with me, kindly have patience and listen to what I want to say… Since ladies are easily influenced in nature, their orientation about relationship changes when they hear other ladies’ perception about relationship… Many ladies in the romance section keep blowing trumpet on how their lives revolved around men’s money, and a result of this, other ladies become influenced with this ideology and begin to look for ways to empty the pocket of every potential chairman… They are such a big turn off

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