Nigerians are so creative with jokes. Enjoy the hilarious conversation.

PMB: Who are u flease?

OLAMIDE: Baba, this is Olamide, CEO YBNL



PMB: What’s zha meaning of that?

OLAMIDE: Baba, YBNL is a popular brand among fun lovers in naija, it stands for Yahoo Boy No Laptop

PMB: Kai! you mean you are Yahoo Yahoo Boy wizout laftof?

OLAMIDE: No Baba, YBNL is (PMB cuts in)

PMB: So how do you oferate wizout laftof?

OLAMIDE: Erm erm, actually, YBNL doesn’t have anything to do with cyber fraud (PMB cuts in)

PMB: Will you answer my question and stof ferambulating! Hab you reforted yourself at Magun’s oppice?

OLAMIDE: Baba, we make our money legitimately, YBNL is just (PMB cuts in)

PMB: Amosun, can you exflain why criminals are allowed to grace zha occazhun when you know pully I zhon’t sit with criminals?

AMOSUN: Baba, Olamide is not a criminal, he is a good ambassador of this state and by extension, Nigeria. He is very good at what he does. Although, his record label, YBNL could give him away as internet fraudster but he is far from being one. The message he was trying to pass with his choice of name is that he can legitimately make money like internet fraudsters without having to swindle anybody.

PMB: (To Amosun) Toor! Does he sing like Dan Maraya?

AMOSUN: Baba, Late Dan Maraya was a legend during his time, his contemporaries in other parts of the country were also legends, Olamide’s songs and slang appeal to fun loving youths of today. Recently, his vituperation at the headies award were creatively twisted by Nigerians and it trended on twitter for weeks. Baba if you had not involved me in this conversation, Olamide would have asked you to Leave trash for LAWMA for not recognizing him.

PMB: Yo wa! Holamide, You are welcome, I am sorry por zha embarrassment. But try and do something about your name, because Amosun might not be frezent to tell Magun what YBNL means feradventure you’re invited for questioning. Gomant need money badly zhat is why I am here to see if Amosun will not pollow my prugal pootsteps. Rest assured zhat he’ll be invited to account por every kobo sfent on this annibersary in puture. We can’t apppord to waste scarce resources on pribolities now.

OLAMIDE: Alright baba… To Bayo Omoboriowo Oya Bayosneh snap this presidential handshake sneh. Iyalaya anybody, street ti takeover!


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