Things Nigerians should expect – On Wednesday, May 12, Nigerians got the news that the federal had finally removed fuel subsidy and fuel will now be sold at N145 per litre. Before the announcement, petrol used to sell for N87 per litre, though majority were buying for as high N200 due to scarcity of the product across the country.
Former president, Goodluck Jonathan had attempted to remove subsidy in 2012 but, he was strongly opposed leading to the “Occupy Nigeria” protest. Jonathan eventually bowed to pressure and the subsidy was removed partially. Now, Nigerians are back to the removal of subsidy issue and it appears this time, there’s no going back. With the removal of subsidy and the increment of fuel price, Nigerians should expect the following. 1. Another occupy Nigeria protest


Hours after the announcement was made, the Nigerian Labour Congress vowed to resist the increment in fuel price. Apparently, they are gearing up for a protest. #OccupyNigeria is already trending on social media. Some are already asking when they will take to the streets to protest and the venue. Fingers are crossed as Nigerians await what happens next.

2. Prices of commodities will shoot up

An increase in fuel price will affect the price of commodities. Once the price of petrol is touch, it triggers a rise in the price of foodstuff, transportation and even rent.


Politicians will always have an excuse for every situation. Soon enough, members of the ruling party will start giving all kinds of excuses for the increase in fuel price. They have already started promising that Nigerians will benefit from the removal of subsidy. Nigerians are getting tired of the excuses and want action.

4. The suffering of Nigerians will be aggravated


Nigerians have been groaning over economic hardship and now they have to deal with increase in fuel scarcity. The worst part is that employers will not increase workers salary. Salary earners will have to figure out how to spend their income wisely. Power supply is nothing to write home about so people have to depend on generators which make use of fuel. Imagine spending more than half your salary fueling your generator. As if the hardship Nigerians are going through is not enough…

5. Blame Jonathan


Since the APC-led government took over power, they have been blaming Jonathan for every problem the country is going through. It’s like a taboo to accept responsibility for Nigeria’s problems so it’s best to blame it someone else.

6. The rate of crime may increase


Many may resort to other means of making money if their salary is not enough to meet their needs in the face of hardship brought about by fuel price increase.

7. APC out in 2019


Apparently, most Nigerians who supported the All Progressives Congress during the campaign period are having doubt about their decision. Nigerians voted for the APC because they promised “change.” But, they did not bargain for the kind of change they are experiencing at the moment. Things seem to be getting worse. Anyway, Nigerians have been told to exercise patience, better days are ahead.

8. Nigerians may finally learn their lesson

vllkyt1iggnaoftjq.b70fc98bPoliticians can never be trusted. They say one thing today and tomorrow, they are saying something else. They make all sorts of promise when they are contesting for election and once they’ve been voted into power, they get amnesia. In 2012, when Jonathan introduced fuel subsidy removal, APC politicians fought against it. They even said there was nothing like subsidy and today, the same subsidy they fought against, they have brought back.


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